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Over 130 million users engage with Instagram shopping posts every month

59% of users use social media as buying inspiration

79% of users search Instagram for info on a product or service

Here’s Why You’ll Love The SocialProofed Instagram Widget

Grow Your Business and Increase Engagement With Instagram Photos and Videos

Your Instagram followers matter more than you think. It’s organic social proof! Get more exposure and more followers by adding your feed to your website. Increase the time users spend on your site with engaging Instagram content.

It just works! Giving our website visitors a more visual social experience has improved the onsite experience...no question.”

- Chris Alvers

Share Instagram Images by Hashtag, Account Name, or Location

Customize what images appear any way you want! We get it - you don’t want EVERY post displayed so we made sure we gave you the ability to filter and choose what images you want appearing and which you don’t.

Choosing what Instagram posts appear while hiding others means no boring company posts on my website and only the exciting posts are shown instead!”

- Daniel Christenson


Fully Customizable and Responsive Instagram Widget Appears the Way You Want

SocialProofed gives you full control over a Slider or Grid appearance. And that’s just the start! Adjust the number of columns or rows and even give the widget a unique headline. Customize the color so it matches your website, adjust the Instagram post caption appearance, the pop-up features, and much more!

“Finally! A widget that lets me choose thecolors and design I want. It Matches my website perfectly. Thank you.”

- Christine Edwards

BONUS...Drive more sales with ‘SHOP NOW’ buttons overlaying your Instagram images and videos!

  • Infinite scrolling with mousewheel
  • Post author
  • Call to action button to target your audience
  • Follow button
  • View on Instagram button
  • Share post in social media
  • Supports carousel posts and videos
  • Autoplay video while scrolling
  • Recent like info and likes count
  • Post text with hashtags and emojies
  • View comments link
  • Automatic new posts uploads as you scroll
  • Fully responsive
  • Specific layout for mobile devices

Endless Features. Stunning Results

From lists to sliders, to masonry, pop-ups, grids, and sliders... you control how your Instagram posts appear.

Choose The Posts You Want Displayed

Display images and videos from your brand Account, Hashtag, or Location and filter to show the posts you want.

Easy To Customize

Endless color editing options, add widget headlines, and change how many rows or columns appear.


Our widgets are fully responsive - they look great on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Up-To-Date Posts

SocialProofed checks for new Instagram posts in realtime and automatically adds them to your personal dashboard.

Boost Your Business

Showcase your business and add “Shop Now” buttons overlaying your posts. Use Instagram to grow your business.

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