January 23, 2021

Taggbox Instagram Feed (Best Free Alternative)

One look at the Taggbox Instagram Feed plugin, and you can immediately tell it’s built for large corporations in mind. 

What’s a small business to do?

Enter: SocialProofed, a FREE Instagram Feed widget that drives more sales to your online store without burning a hole in your wallet. 

In this comparison guide, you’ll know what sets SocialProofed apart from Taggbox and why it’s the perfect choice for your small business.

Let’s begin.

Taggbox Widget vs. SocialProofed Instagram Feed Widget: A Table Comparison

As a whole, comparing Taggbox and SocialProofed is akin to comparing Walgreens with a mom-and-pop pharmacy store.

For relevancy, we’ll only focus on the Instagram Feed widget. 

Here’s how SocialProofed differs from Taggbox. 

Custom CSSAvailable in ALL plans (including free plan)Only Basic plan
ViewsUnlimited in ALL plansUnlimited views only in Pro plan
Branding logo removalAvailable from Pro plan onwardAvailable from Basic plan onward
Shoppable Instagram FeedAvailable in ALL plans (including free plan)Users have to pay an additional $99-$199/month for Taggbox’s commerce plan
PricingLite: FREE
Pro: $5/month
Enterprise: $15/month
Startup: Free
Lite: $19/month
Basic: $49/month
Pro: $99/month

Taggbox Instagram Feed Widget vs. SocialProofed: A Quick-Fire Review & Why You Should Use SocialProofed Instead 

(i) Custom CSS 

Custom CSS further customizes your Instagram Feed wall — it’s what sets the tone and feel of your website. 

With SocialProofed, you can access our custom CSS field even when you’re on our free plan.

To add custom CSS on SocialProofed, click the More tab

Compare that to Taggbox, which only allows you to add your custom CSS if you’re on its Basic and Pro plans ($49-$99/month). 

Verdict: SocialProofed wins.

(ii) Views

A ‘locked’ Instagram wall on a website paints a bad impression on customers. 

Imagine, instead of engaging photos and videos in your feed, users see a message that you’ve run out of credits or a logo of the social widget you’re using. Oof.

Taggbox limits the number of views for its Instagram Feed widget. Here’s a peek at what you get based on the plan you’re on:

Number of views
per month
2,00010,0001 millionUnlimited

Whereas SocialProofed? You’ll get unlimited views. Whether you’re on our free or paid plan, you never have to worry about your Instagram Feed ‘locking’.  

Verdict: SocialProofed wins. (By the way, this is also one of the key features that set us apart from Elfsight. Check out the Elfsight vs. SocialProofed comparison guide here.)

(iii) Branding Logo Removal

If you’ve been using Instagram Feed widgets for a while, you’d know free plans always show a source stamp — SocialProofed and Taggbox are no exceptions.

The interesting bit?

SocialProofed offers branding logo removal from its Pro plan ($5/month) onward. Whereas for Taggbox, you can only remove it if you’re on its Basic and Pro plans ($49-$99/month).   

Verdict: SocialProofed wins.

(iv) Shoppable Instagram Feed

The cool part about adding ‘Shop Now’ buttons on your Instagram photos?

You get to:

  • Attract online sales 
  • Boost higher average order value
  • Create a smooth shopping experience 

With SocialProofed, you can instantly use these ‘Shop Now’ buttons for FREE.

In SocialProofed’s widget builder, click the Layout menu and expand the call-to-action (CTA) button tabs. Input your Instagram post URL, the destination of your choice in the Action Link, and CTA text in the Button Label.

Unlike SocialProofed, Taggbox requires you to pay an additional $99-$199 a month to unlock this shoppable feature.

Verdict: SocialProofed wins.

Taggbox Instagram Feed Widget vs. SocialProofed: Who Wins?

Overall, Taggbox’s a fantastic choice for big companies with huge marketing budgets.

But if you’re looking for a small business-friendly tool that helps you drive engagement and online sales, SocialProofed’s a far better option.

You don’t need to spend an additional $100+ a month to unlock shoppable features. 

With SocialProofed, you can immediately access them for free.

Sign up for SocialProofed’s FREE Instagram Feed widget today!

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