January 5, 2021

Snapwidget Instagram Feed (Is It #1?)

As awesome as SnapWidget is, it can be a buggy tool. 

(Author’s note: It took three attempts to link my SnapWidget account with my Instagram handle successfully.)

And it appears this is not a one-off problem. Take a look around review platforms like G2, and you’ll find multiple user stories lamenting about the bug issues.


Are you looking for a SnapWidget alternative because you’re concerned about it breaking your Instagram feed on your website? You’re in luck.

In this SnapWidget Instagram feed plugin VS SocialProofed guide, you’ll discover why you’re better off using the latter (that’s us!) while exploring the similarities and differences between these two tools.

Let’s get started.

SnapWidget Instagram Feed Plugin VS SocialProofed: A Short Comparison

SnapWidget and SocialProofed are tools that let you embed your social media content on your website.

Both platforms are similar when it comes to the ease of use and range of widgets offered.

However, the biggest differences lie in (1) the value you get from the plans, and (2) how they’re best used. 

Number of widgets3 (Instagram Feed, Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews)4 (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
User-friendly interface
Customization✔ (Limited for free plan)
No coding required
‘Shop Now’ buttonsYes. You can immediately start using our shoppable call-to-action button in your Instagram photos, for free!Yes, but only for paid plans
Pricing– Free
– Pro ($5/month)
– Enterprise ($15/month)
– Free
– Lite ($6/month)
– Pro ($10/month)
– Developer ($50/month)

Let’s get the similarities out of the way:

(i) Ease of Use

Anyone can get started with SnapWidget and SocialProofed easily (translation: no coding is required). 

With just a few tweaks, you can whip up an Instagram widget in mere minutes — seconds if you only need minor customization.

Want to customize your Instagram feed’s colors on SocialProofed? Click the Colors tab and pick your color scheme. Further customize it by inputting your brand color code in the post, grid, and pop-up tabs. Click Update & Close, and you’re done.

(ii) Number of Widgets

Widgets-wise, there’s a slight overlap between SocialProofed and SnapWidget. Both tools offer widgets for Instagram and Facebook:

Facebook✔ (Only Facebook Reviews)✔ (Only Facebook posts)
Google✔ (Only Google Reviews and Ratings)

SnapWidget focuses on embedding general content, whereas SocialProofed emphasizes user-generated content (think: customer reviews and testimonials).

So… which tool should you use?

This depends on your goal. 

If you’re looking to embed posts about your company’s culture or memes on your website, pick SnapWidget.

However, if you want to embed customer’s reviews, photos, and videos on your website to boost trust and sales, go with SocialProofed

Which brings us to the next section…

SnapWidget Instagram Feed Plugin VS SocialProofed: A SnapWidget Review & Why You Should Use SocialProofed Instead

Earlier on, we teased the biggest differences between SnapWidget and SocialProofed: (1) The value you get from the plans and (2) how they’re best used.  

We’ve already discussed each tool’s best use case. What about the value?

We’ll tell it to you straight: You can get a lot out of SocialProofed, even for our free plan.

Rather than listing all the features, we’re just going to mention the most important one: Call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Ever wished you could add a CTA in your Instagram photo and direct users to your product page?

Sure, SnapWidget allows you to do that, but you need to upgrade to its paid plan to unlock it.

With SocialProofed?

You can instantly add a customized CTA without paying a single cent.

Whenever a user clicks on an Instagram image, they’ll see a pop-up with your customized CTA. Once clicked, SocialProofed will direct them to a destination page of your choice.

Verdict: SnapWidget allows you to add its Shoppable CTAs, but you can only unlock this feature in its paid plans. You can do this on an unlimited basis on SocialProofed for free. Thus, SocialProofed wins by a mile. 

SnapWidget Instagram Feed Plugin VS SocialProofed: Who Wins?

In the end, it depends on what you want to achieve from your Instagram feed on your website.

If you want to share general social media content — company news, events, GIFs, and whatnot — use SnapWidget.

However, if you want to showcase customer reviews, don’t want to waste time on bug issues, and direct users to your product page, go with SocialProofed.

(There’s a lot more to love about our Instagram widget tool. We also offer unlimited views. You never have to worry about your Instagram feed disappearing just because of a silly view-cap rule. Read more in our Elfsight VS SocialProofed guide.) 

Sign up for the SocialProofed widget today (it’s free)!

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