January 23, 2021

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed – Free WordPress Alternative

You’re looking for a Smash Balloon Instagram Feed alternative because:

  • It’s too expensive, or
  • It only works on WordPress

Luckily for you, we got just what you need.

SocialProofed offers a FREE Instagram Feed widget that works on all websites — WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, you name it. 

If you’re a small business owner and you want to drive more sales to your online store, keep reading this comparison guide.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how SocialProofed differs from Smash Balloon and why our widget’s a better choice for your business.

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin vs. SocialProofed: A Table Comparison

Just how similar are SocialProofed and Smash Balloon?

To start, both platforms have built Instagram Feed plugins for beginners in mind

There’s no coding required. And customizing your Instagram Feed takes only a few clicks of the button.

The biggest differences?

Smash Balloon only works on WordPress, and its pro plans are much more expensive.

SocialProofedSmash Balloon
Number of widgets3 (Instagram Feed, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews)4 (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
No coding required
Works on all websitesOnly WordPress
PricingLite: FREE
Pro: $5/month
Enterprise: $15/month
Introductory price for Smash Balloon Pro users (1st year)

Personal: $49/year
Business: $99/year
Developer: $149/year
All Access Bundle: $299/year

Renewal price (2nd year onward)

Personal: $98/year
Developer: $298/year
All Access Bundle: $598/year

Let’s first explore the similarities.

(i) No Coding Required

It’s easy to set up your Instagram Feed on Smash Balloon and SocialProofed.

Here’s how it works on SocialProofed: Click to expand the tabs and select your design of choice. It’s so easy that you can do it on your own. That’s right, there’s no need to hire a developer!

In most cases, there’s no need to write a single line of code unless you’re looking for advanced customization — which is another post for another day. 🙂

(ii) Customization

Likewise, it’s easy customizing your Instagram Feed on Smash Balloon and SocialProofed.

Smash Balloon automatically adapts your WordPress theme (including fonts and styles), while SocialProofed gives you full control of how you want your Instagram Feed to look on your website.

How it works on SocialProofed: Choose your brand colors, adjust the number of rows and columns, and even filter the type of images you want.

Want to show only your marketing campaign images on your Instagram Feed? Filter by hashtag, and let SocialProofed do the rest. 

(To learn how our widget works, check out How To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website For Free.)

Smash Balloon Plugin VS. SocialProofed: An In-Depth Review & Why You Should Use SocialProofed Instead 

With the similarities out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the differences.

(i) Pricing

Smash Balloon’s cheapest plan sets you back at $49/year, and that’s only if you’re a new customer. Upon renewal, you have to pay $98/year. 

SocialProofed offers far less expensive plans. For one, there are no introductory plans. Members who renew will always pay the same price — $5 or $15/month.

But the BIGGEST thing that sets us apart from Smash Balloon and other competitors is this: You can immediately start using our sales-focused features for FREE

What do we mean by “sales-focused”?

Take our Shop Now buttons, for instance.

Sign up on SocialProofed and start customizing the ‘Shop Now’ buttons in your Instagram photos and videos. When a user clicks it, SocialProofed will direct them to your product page. Get ready for new sales in your bank!

Best of all, there’s no limit to these ‘Shop Now’ buttons. You can use it as many times as you want.

Verdict: Only Smash Balloon Instagram Feed pro plan users can access sales-driven features. On the other hand, SocialProofed offers them for free. SocialProofed wins!

(ii) WordPress Only

Another limitation of Smash Balloon? It only works on WordPress.  

Instead of changing your current web hosting platform to WordPress (let’s be honest here, no one enjoys the lengthy process), consider using SocialProofed.

Our Instagram Feed plugin works well on all platforms.

Verdict: SocialProofed wins!

SocialProofed: A Sales-Focused Smash Balloon Alternative You Must Use Today

Smash Balloon’s a fantastic tool, but if you’re a small business owner with a modest budget and you’re not a WordPress user, it’s not the best option.

So give SocialProofed a try today!

Design your Instagram Feed without writing a single line of code, and start attracting users to your online store using our ‘Shop Now’ buttons.

Your sales will thank you for it. 😉

Sign up for SocialProofed’s FREE Instagram Feed widget today!

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