March 4, 2022

Reviews on Website: What You Need to Know

When running a business, looking for ways to improve and offer your customers the best is always at the top of your list. To do that, you constantly need to listen to their feedback.

And one of the best ways to know what people have to say about your business is to offer them the chance to leave a customer review.

In this post, we’ll break down the essentials for having reviews on your website. 

Importance of Reviews on Website

Having reviews on your website for your product or service has an impact on the trustworthiness of your brand, visibility, and of course, on your sales. 

If you don’t have any review tools yet and you’re thinking about using them, it’s time to go for it! 

It’s one of the best investments you can make, 94% of businesses that use reputation management software say that the ROI makes up for the cost. 

How to Get Reviews from Your Customers

Getting reviews organically without any extra effort is an ultimate goal, but the truth is you’ll have to use some strategies every once in a while.

Here we show you some ways to reach out to your customers and get their reviews. 

Offer Some Rewards

Offering a reward will always be a good option to grab customers’ attention, as long as the rewards align with their needs and expectations.

Here we can see how the beauty box brand Cohorted does this well.

Tweet by Cohorted  where they promote a giveaway for customers who leave reviews on website

Image Source

In this case, Cohorted made it a no-brainer by offering a chance to win a free year of its service when customers leave their reviews. 

Send Follow-Up Emails

After a customer buys a product or signs up for a service, it’s a good time to check up on them and genuinely ask if it’s been meeting their expectations. 

In the example below there’s an email from Casper asking a customer about the experience with their bedsheets.

Email sent by Casper asking customers to leave their review

Image Source

It’s a simple yet effective way to ask for a review, besides getting the chance to increase your click-through rates.

Use Your Social Media

Social media can work to display your reviews and to get some more at the same time. 

Especially those that are more visual like Instagram.

That’s what BSN Supplements did with this post. 

Image from BSN's Instagram where they share a customer review

The advantage is that users don’t have to go to a third-party app to leave their reviews.

2 Easy Ways to Display Reviews on Website

There are many tools you can use to show other people your customers’ opinions, these are 2 of the easiest.

1. Embed Social Proof Widgets

Social proof widgets are easy-access tools that you can use to display reviews on your website. The best part is the automation.

Google Review Widget

Google is the most used review platform and you should take advantage of it. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Brightlocal, 81% of customers use Google to evaluate local businesses.

Graphic of Brightlocal's results of the local consumer review survey 2022

Image Source

This is how it looks when customers leave their reviews on Google.

SocialProofed's customers reviews on Google

The more reviews with positive ratings, the better because you can improve your business’s local ranking.

To make the process easier for your customers to leave a review you can create a Google Review Link.

Instagram Feed Widget

Although it isn’t a review platform itself, when you display your Instagram feed, you also have the option to show the comments on your posts, a section where people often talk about their experience with the product.

Below we see another example of a dedicated post for customer reviews from Nuori.

Instagram post by Nuori Skin Care where they shared a customer review

Image Source

Facebook Review Widget

93% of businesses use Facebook but not all of them enable the review section and they’re missing out on having social proof.

Here we see how Domestika has over 2,831 reviews on its Facebook page. As a business, that’s something you can show your website visitors by using a Facebook review widget.

Domestika's facebook review page where a customer recommends the platform

Image Source

If you’re not sure about how to add Facebook reviews to your site, you can take a look at How to Embed Facebook Reviews FREE on Any Website

2. Embed a Review Carousel

Embedding a customer review carousel on your website is another good option, especially if you’re not active on any review platform.

For example, Buffer displays this one on its homepage.

Buffer's homepage displaying customers' reviews

A downside of review carousels is that unlike social media review widgets like Google or Facebook, where you can have automated and updated reviews, with most carousels you’ll have to select and update manually the reviews you want to display.


Convincing customers that they’re making the right choice it’s not an easy task. Fortunately, social proof can help with that.

Having reviews on your website can make a difference, especially when your product is in a saturated market.

If you’re ready to take the leap and get the most out of your social proof, start using our tools for free!

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