April 26, 2022

Responsive Instagram Widget

People love visual content and Instagram stands out for it, so what benefits could you get if you show on your website what you create on that platform by using a responsive Instagram widget? 

Moreover, what does it mean it’s responsive and why is it important? 

In this post, we’ll share the answers.

What Is a Responsive Widget?

So you’ve learned about what is a widget and how it works, but have you asked yourself what is actually a responsive widget?

Just like with web design, what makes a widget responsive is the ability to adapt to multiple devices automatically, especially in terms of functionality and screen size. 

macOS widgets

Source: Widgets on Mac 

Imagine that you embed a widget on your website, but you only adapt it to the screen size of a computer. 

What happens when people want to browse your website from their phones? People who by the way are part of a big percentage because only in 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global web traffic.

Answering the question, it’d be a total mess. 

Not only because of the size of the widget being too big for a phone but also because of functionality, considering that the browsing experience it’s different on computers and phones. 

Responsiveness in a widget is a little big detail that makes all the difference.

Learn how you can use our free tool to create a responsive Instagram widget.

Benefits of a Responsive Instagram Widget

Having a responsive Instagram widget on your website has multiple benefits. Here’s how it can help you. 

1. Get more visibility on Instagram

Visibility is by far the quickest benefit you’ll have. Adding your Instagram handle on your website can drive some traffic to your profile for sure, but imagine if you actually show your Instagram feed to your website visitors.

That’s a total win because you’re taking advantage of your website traffic to promote your Instagram account.

2. Increase user engagement on your website

When users have low engagement with your website, it can cause a high bounce rate which leads to losing potential customers. It’s a domino effect that no business would like to experience. 

That’s why adding a responsive Instagram widget to your website can help you decrease that rate. 

You may ask, how so?

Turns out that when you show your website visitors the valuable content that you’re sharing on Instagram, you’re giving them something to interact with. Hence, they stay longer on your website because you engage them= reduced bounce rate

feeds on responsive instagram widgets

As long as your content on Instagram matches what users are looking for, you’ll engage them. If you don’t know where to start among the many ways to create content that catches your customers’ attention, you could get some inspo from the new Instagram trends for 2022.

3. Showcase your products

Adding a responsive Instagram widget to your website allows you to show pics of your products and it can help you drive more sales by doing so.

If you have an Instagram shop, you’ll find very useful an Instagram widget tool that also displays product tags and the shop now button just like in the app. That way you can offer customers a more frictionless buying process.

Frank and Oak's Instagram shop

Source: Frank and Oak

Besides, if you’re running an Instagram campaign, a widget on your website can help you highlight it even more.

4. Share User-generated content (UGC)

Displaying UGC on your website can build trust with potential customers because you’re sharing people’s real experiences with your product.

All you need to get started with a UGC campaign on Instagram is to encourage your audience to be honest and share their experiences with your brand. Some common ways to do so are: running giveaways or contests, using branded hashtags or the photo thread feature.

For example, this is a reshared post from one of Kotn’s customers.

Kotn post on Instagram feed

Once people start sharing content, your next step is to curate and select what aligns with your brand so you can repost it on your feed. That makes your job easier too because you worry less about creating new content.


Creating content isn’t an easy task and especially not on Instagram, where every second billion people also share their content in an effort to get more visibility.

That’s why you should take advantage of all the promoting channels at your disposal and a responsive Instagram widget can make a difference. 

More visibility, an increased engagement rate and a positive brand perception from potential customers are some of the benefits you can get from it.

Start displaying your feed on your website with our free Instagram widget and don’t’ let your content go unnoticed.

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