January 5, 2021

Lightwidget Instagram Feed (Is It Really The #1 Widget?)

At first glance, LightWidget and SocialProofed look like two peas in a pod.

But look deeper, and you’ll notice several differences.

For one, LightWidget only allows you to customize the “look” of your Instagram feed on your website. Whereas SocialProofed helps you to not only customize the look of your feed but also drive more sales to your store.

Of course, there’s more. 

In this LightWidget Instagram feed plugin VS SocialProofed guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at their similarities and differences, and when’s the best time to use each tool. 

Let’s begin.

LightWidget Instagram Feed Plugin VS SocialProofed: A Quick Comparison

The most significant differences between SocialProofed and LightWidget are (1) the number of widgets offered, (2) features, and (3) the level of customization.

Here’s a peek at what we mean:

Number of widgets3 (Instagram feed, Google reviews, Facebook reviews)1 (Instagram feed)
User-friendly interface
No coding required
FeaturesExtensive, more “sales-focused” (e.g., pre-made templates, Shop Now buttons overlaid on Instagram images and videos)Basic
Pricing– Free
– Pro ($5/month)
– Enterprise ($15/month)
– Free
– One-time fee ($10)

Let’s begin with the biggest similarity.

(i) User-Friendly Interface

It’s shockingly easy to use SocialProofed and LightWidget. 

Take LightWidget, for instance. If you want to resize your Instagram feed, all you have to do is drag the orange arrows with your mouse.

Granted, SocialProofed doesn’t work on a click-and-drag basis, but you’ll notice it’s still effortless to use. 

Go on, navigate our widget builder! You’ll see you can build your Instagram feed with just a few typing and clicks of the button.

Designing an Instagram widget takes mere minutes on SocialProofed

LightWidget Instagram Feed VS SocialProofed: Why You Should Use SocialProofed Instead

Now, what about the differences? When should you use SocialProofed or LightWidget on your website? Here’s our no-holds-barred opinion:

(i) Number of Widgets

LightWidget offers only one widget: Instagram feed.

SocialProofed offers the three most popular widgets among small business owners: Instagram feed, Google reviews, and Facebook reviews. Note: If you’re wondering about the pricing difference between SocialProofed and LightWidget, this is why. 😊

LightWidget’s great for customizing the aesthetics of your Instagram feed. SocialProofed does this and more.

If you want to: customize your Instagram feed with advanced control and with minimal coding and drive more sales to your store, opt for SocialProofed.

LightWidget’s an Instagram widget generator. 

SocialProofed’s an Instagram feed plugin that helps small businesses drive traffic, engagement, and revenue using customer reviews and testimonials.

Verdict: SocialProofed wins by a mile.

(ii) Customization

LightWidget offers basic customization:

  • Filter by tags
  • Adjust number of rows and columns
  • Select image formats and carousel albums
  • Pick paddings and hover effects
  • Choose call-to-action (CTA)

Advanced customization will require CSS skills.

SocialProofed offers more customization options that don’t require CSS knowledge. For instance, there’s a wider range of pre-made templates for you to choose from: Slider, Grid, Hashtag showcase, Collage, Post slider, and Single post.


On LightWidget, there are only three choices: Grid, Slider, and Columns. Can you use other image formats on LightWidget? Probably, but it’ll require CSS.

With SocialProofed, you can also easily edit the Instagram feed title.


Whereas on LightWidget, you’d need to fill in the Custom CSS box.

Note: There is one customization option from LightWidget that SocialProofed doesn’t offer — hover effects (though easily solved by CSS). 

In the end, it boils down to what you’re looking for. 

Verdict: Judging by the number of no-coding customization options offered, SocialProofed wins.

(iii) Features

Earlier on, we teased SocialProofed helps you drive more sales to your store. 

How does it work?

Here’s how: By using the ‘Shop Now’ buttons overlaying your Instagram images and videos. (Psst! You can use this feature for free. Read more in our SnapWidget Instagram Feed Plugin VS SocialProofed guide.)

Whenever a user lands on your website and spots an item they like on your Instagram feed, they can simply click the image and the ‘Shop Now’ button to buy it. 

Better user experience. 

More sales.

Verdict: SocialProofed! We offer more extensive and sales-focused features to help you attract sales.

LightWidget Instagram Feed Widget VS SocialProofed: Who Wins?

Does this mean you should completely scrap off LightWidget?

Not at all. We just think that if you’re looking to drive sales with your Instagram feed, you need to consider an alternative.

Our Instagram Feed widget does what LightWidget offers and more.

In the end, it depends on your use case. 

If you want to make minor adjustments to how your Instagram feed looks like on your website, go with LightWidget. 

However, if you want advanced customization (with minimal need for CSS) and attract more sales on Instagram, try SocialProofed today.

Sign up for the SocialProofed widget today (it’s free)!

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