April 27, 2022

How to Add Google Reviews to Wix Website

Adding customer reviews to any website can be a helpful tool to build social proof and boost conversion rates. Many websites that use reviews are built with Wix, a platform that has over 170 million users around the world where you can display Google Reviews easily.

In this post, we’ll show you the options you have to add Google Reviews to your Wix website and the step-by-step process to do it successfully. 

1. Create a Google Review Widget

The first thing you need is to create your widget and customize it. In case you need help doing it, this guide will walk you through creating a Google Review Widget.

Once it’s all set, you can move on to the next step which is embedding the widget on your Wix website.

2. Embed a Google Review Widget

You have two options on Wix to add your Google Reviews widget. Let’s break down each!

Option 1: Add Google Reviews to a Wix Blog 

On the left bar in the main dashboard, there’s the Wix Blog section, where you have the option to create or manage posts.

Wix website editor

In both cases, you’ll find the same editor.

Wix blog editor

Click on Add and select the HTML Code option under the From The Web section.

Embed option on Wix website

Paste the Google review widget HTML code in the text field, click Save and you’re done!

Google reviews embed code on Wix website

Then you can customize the width and height that better adjust to your site.

Option 2: Add Google Reviews to a Wix Page

This process is similar to adding a widget to a blog post. 

First, you need to select the page where you want to embed the widget. Let’s take the FAQ page as an example.

Wix website page

Then click Add on the left sidebar.

Wix add to website options

Go to the embed section and select Embed a widget.

Embed a Google reviews widget on Wix website

Note: An interesting fact is that when you embed a widget on a page, there are other options like embedding a widget, a site or a custom element.

Paste the widget embed code and click on Update.

Google reviews widget embed code

Finally, you’ll be able to move the widget around the page and place it wherever you want.

Google Reviews widget on Wix website

There are also some drag and drop audio widgets available from iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes drag and drop widgets

Wix Pros and Cons

If you’re planning to add Google reviews to your Wix website, then you may find interesting the pros and cons of the platform.


  • Earn money by promoting Wix with the affiliate program
  • Offers useful marketing tools like SEO, email automation, analytics and reports for traffic and sales
  • Free HTTPS
  • Create unified campaigns and promote them on email, Instagram and Facebook
  • Multiple free templates you can choose from to create pages, blog posts, social media posts and videos 
  • 14 day free trial for Premium plans
  • Offers a variety of apps in the Wix Apps Market


  • Can’t access all features with the free version
  • Premium plans are limited to a single website
  • Multiple currency selling isn’t available on e-commerce websites
  • You have to pay for tracking and analytics
  • The mobile loading speed can be slow
  • You can’t remove ads and Wix promotion using the free version

Take your Wix website to another level using social proof

Start showing your website visitors what other customers have to say about your product and watch how your conversion rates increase. 

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