December 14, 2020

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website Free (2021 Update)

Let’s cut to the chase: Instagram oEmbed is an incredible tool, but only when it comes to embedding a single post.

If you’re looking to embed an Instagram feed on your website, you have to look elsewhere.

That’s what this guide is for. 

Today, you’ll learn a simple, straightforward process using our FREE Instagram feed widget — so simple, in fact, that we guarantee you will be able to do it in under 5 minutes.

That’s not all. Later on, we’ll take an in-depth look at how three business owners embedded Instagram on their websites, along with a few tips from marketing experts on how you can start strong right out of the IG gate.

Ready? Let’s get right into it.

(By the way, our Instagram plugin offers unlimited views. This means you never have to worry about your Instagram feed disappearing or “locking” just because you’ve hit the monthly view cap. Want to see it for yourself right now? Sign up for your FREE account here.)

How To Embed Instagram On Website Under 5 Minutes (With Screenshots) 

Step 1: Sign Up At SocialProofed 

Register for your free SocialProofed account. It’s free!


Step 2. Create Your Instagram Widget

Under Instagram Feed, click Create New Widget. Alternatively, you can click Instagram Feed on the left menu.

Next, click + Create widget.

Step 3. Select Template 

Pick a template you’d like to start with. 

Currently, SocialProofed offers six templates: Slider, Grid, Hashtag Showcase, Collage, Post Slider, and Single Post.

Found a template you like? Great!

Name your widget and click Save & Close.

Wait for the widget builder to load for 3-5 seconds.

When you see a pop-up box, click OK.

SocialProofed will direct you back to the Instagram Feed page. 

Click the Edit button.

Under Instagram Sources, input your Instagram handle. Tip: Remember to add a “@” before it!

Step 4. Customize Your Instagram Widget

And now the fun begins. And by fun, we mean customization. 😊

There are four tabs on the left menu: Content, Layout, Colors, and More.

Under Content, edit how you want your feed to look like using the filters and sorting.

Click Layout to customize your feed layout, post template, columns and rows, call-to-action buttons, post settings, and slider controls.

Next, click Colors and select your preferred colors for the post, slider, and pop-up. 

Tip: Use your brand colors for consistency. If you’ve just launched your business or you haven’t found your ideal brand color, check out resources like Design Seeds for inspiration.

Click More to edit your copy. 

If you want to further customize your Instagram feed, add your CSS code in the Custom CSS field.

Happy with what you’ve gotten so far? Great!

Click Update & Close

Step 5. Add Instagram Widget On Website

Now you’re ready to embed your Instagram feed on your website. On the Instagram Feed page, click Add to website.

Enter your website URL (without “https”) and click the >> button.

Next, you’ll see the Instagram embed code generator. Click to copy.

Go to your website and paste the code in your HTML field

If you’re using WordPress and a website builder like Elementor, it might look a little like this

And that’s it!

Further customize as you see fit. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, update it and go live.

How 3 Small Business Owners Embed Instagram Feed on Their Websites

Now that you’ve learned how to embed an Instagram feed on your website using our Instagram plugin, let’s look at three examples featuring real-world small business owners.

#1. Slider 

Profit For Passion uses a classic Instagram feed layout: Slider.

Founder Jemma Wiltshire shares the biggest benefit of embedding an Instagram feed on her website, “I’ve been making a more personal connection with my ideal clients. My follower count is also steadily increasing daily.”

Pro Tip: Make sure the photos in your Instagram feed is on brand. 

Alisha Chocha, Co-founder of Your Marketing People, explains that all photos and content should match what your brand is all about. “It should enhance the website experience,” she adds. “If your Instagram feed doesn’t match, it might be jarring for the website visitor.”

Embed a slider-layout Instagram feed on your website on SocialProofed, for FREE today

#2. Caption

Michelle Jones, lifestyle blogger of Hey Michelle, is a fan of the caption layout.

And no surprise there, she has been steadily gaining 100 followers every month ever since embedding her Instagram feed on her website.

Pro Tip: Mix different types of posts (e.g., picture, audio, video) to fight off content fatigue.

Brian Robben, CEO and Founder of Robben Media, shares, “Switching up keeps your audience engaged, guessing, and always desiring more. Not only does this help you grow your following and reach, these different posts also create a better user experience on your website.”

#3. Grid

Peggy Jean’s Pies, a mother-and-daughter bakery, does a beautiful job at embedding a grid layout on their website. 

Embed a grid-layout Instagram feed on your website on SocialProofed, for FREE today

Pro Tip: Post user-generated content to highlight your store and how customers are using your products and services.

Tania Braukamper, Social Media Manager at ShotKit, outlines three quick steps:

  • Create a campaign around a product or service 
  • Encourage customers to share pictures of it using a designated hashtag
  • Embed an Instagram feed on your website that curates pictures tagged with that hashtag. Tip: You can do this on SocialProofed. Simply select Hashtag Showcase as your template.

“This gives customers an incentive to share your brand and use your hashtag, as they’ll be keen to see their content featured,” quips Tania.

“As a bonus, you get free user-generated content to feed into your website. Win-win!”

Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website for Free on SocialProofed Today

Take the steps you’ve learned above and cross them out one by one. You’re going to embed Instagram on your website and start growing your followers and sales.

If you have any questions, we’re just an email away.

Ready to embed Instagram on your website? Start for free on SocialProofed now.

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