January 22, 2021

How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Your Website (Free 2021 Update)

How do you embed Google Reviews on your website and prove to visitors that you’re the real deal?

Today, you’ll learn a step-by-step process using our FREE Google Reviews widget. Whether you’re using WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix, we guarantee you can do it in under five minutes.

All right, let’s get started.

How To Embed Google Reviews On Website Under 5 Minutes (With Screenshots)

Step 1: Sign Up At SocialProofed

Register for your FREE SocialProofed account.


Step 2: Create Your Google Reviews Widget

After signing up, SocialProofed will direct you to the dashboard.
Under Google Reviews, click Create New Widget (or Google Reviews on the left menu).

Next, click + Create widget.

Step 3: Select Template

Name your new Google Reviews widget.

Next, pick a template. There are seven templates to choose from: Grid, Reviews, Carousel, Slider, Masonry, List, and Sidebar. 

(Prefer Google Ratings? SocialProofed offers four rating badges: Floating, Dark Floating, Rating, and Embedded. Learn how to embed Google Ratings on your website here.)  

Click Continue with this template.


Under the Content tab, enter your Google Place ID from your Google My Business account. 


Tip: To find your Google Place ID, go to Place IDs. Enter your business name or address in the search box. Your Place ID will pop up after you hit enter. 


Copy the ID

Go back to SocialProofed and paste it in the search field. Your Google Reviews should appear on the widget builder.


Step 4: Customize Your Google Reviews Widget

Adjust how you want your Google Reviews widget to look like in these four tabs:

  • Content: Filters, sorting, heading
  • Layout: Layout, list settings, content width
  • Review: Review card layout, source style, elements, review text
  • Style: Color scheme, fonts, custom CSS

Happy with what you created?

Click Save & Close.

Step 5: Add Google Reviews Widget On Website

On the SocialProofed dashboard, you’ll see your minty new Google Reviews widget (under My Widgets).

Click Add to website.


A Google Reviews embed code generator will appear. Click to copy.


Now go back to your website dashboard. 

In the HTML field, paste the code


Further customize the Google Reviews widget to your liking. 

That’s it!

Ready to give it a whirl? Sign up for your FREE SocialProofed.com account here

Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website: 3 FAQs 

Now, you probably have dozens of questions about Google Reviews. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller trying to attract more positive reviews and increase sales, this section will come in handy.

How To Add a Local Listing On Google My Business?  

1. Go to Google My Business and click Manage now.

2. Sign in with your account. Click Next.

3. Enter your business name. Click Next.

4. Select the category that best fits your business. Click Next.

5. Add the services your business provides. Click Next.

6. Include whether you want your location to show up on Google. Click Next.

7. Include the address of your business. Click Next.

8. Click and drag the marker to your business location. Click Next.

9. Indicate whether you sell to customers outside your region. Click Next.

10. Add the areas you sell to customers. Click Next.

11. Share your contact number and website URL. Click Next.

12. Indicate whether you want to hear from Google. Click Next.

13. Click Finish

You can officially manage your new listing!

How Do I Request A Review On Google (From Email, Facebook, Twitter, And WhatsApp Users)?

On the left of the Google My Business dashboard, click Home

Scroll down and click Share review form.

Want to request reviews from Facebook or Twitter users? Just click the appropriate button. 

Pro Tip: Click the Edit icon to personalize your URL. Use your business name to boost brand recognition. Note that you can only change it three times a year.

And voilà, you’ve now learned how to request reviews from customers via their favorite channels.

How Can I Attract Positive Google Reviews For My Business? (FREE Template)

Tip #1: Pre-Qualify The Reviews

Handwritten notes add delight to a customer’s experience, so consider adding them to your thank you strategy. 

Focus on customers who reply to your thank you note. That’s the segment you want to request for reviews.

According to Sam Williamson, owner of CBDiablo UK, customers who email their thanks after receiving handwritten notes for their purchases are more likely to leave a positive review on Google.

He shares, “We only ask those who send us a message complimenting our product, as we know they are more likely to agree.”

Tip #2: Share The Value 

Make sure you let customers know how much their feedback means to your future business.

Nathan Claire, Founder of Buying Jax Homes, uses the following script to encourage customers to share their reviews on Google: 

Want to use a similar script for your business? Here’s a template. Edit it accordingly to your unique needs.

Hey [Customer], 

Thank you for shopping with us! 

We know how [Reinforce pain point customers went through before buying from you e.g., if you sell insurance, talk about how stressful and overwhelming the process is], and we are grateful for the opportunity [Briefly share how you helped them]. 

Could you share your experience on Google Reviews? 

This helps others to [Share emotional benefit(s) customers get after buying from you]. 

We hope you’re 100% satisfied with your experience, and we truly appreciate it if you share your thoughts with everyone else. Thank you so much!

[Sign off]

A script like this compels customers to respond, as they’re helping fellow customers make a better buying decision.

Embed Google Reviews on Your Website for Free on SocialProofed Today

You’ve learned how to add Google Reviews to your website. 

Now, watch your engagement and sales grow.

Questions? Drop us a message here, and we’ll get back to you.

Start for free on SocialProofed now.

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