January 22, 2021

How to Embed Facebook Reviews FREE on Any Website (2020 Update)

Your customer reviews on Facebook are comin’ in hot — that’s great! 

The only problem? You’re not 100% sure how to add them to your website.

Fortunately, this guide is here for you.

Today, you’ll learn a crazy simple process using our FREE Facebook Reviews widget

By the end of this post, you’ll not only master how to embed Facebook reviews on your website, but you’ll also discover how to attract more positive reviews.

Let’s begin. 

How To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website In 60 Seconds 

Step 1: Register At SocialProofed

Sign up for your SocialProofed account. It’s completely free!


Step 2: Create Your Facebook Reviews Widget

After logging in, SocialProofed will direct you to the dashboard. 
Under Facebook Reviews, click Create New Widget (or Facebook Reviews on the left menu).

Click + Create widget.


Step 3. Select Template

Name your new Facebook Reviews widget.

Next, select a template. There are seven options to choose from: Grid, Reviews, Carousel, Slider, Masonry, List, and Sidebar.

Click Go with this template.


Step 4. Customize Your Facebook Reviews Widget


Before customizing, you need to connect your Facebook page to SocialProofed.

Click Connect to Facebook.

A pop-up will appear. Click Continue as [Your Name].


Select the Facebook page(s) you want to use with SocialProofed. Click Next.


Set your permissions. Click Done.


Click OK.


You should see it successfully connected on SocialProofed. 

Tip: If, for some reason, the widget builder doesn’t show your Facebook Reviews, click Apply Changes on the top right bar. That should do the trick!


Now you’re ready to customize your Facebook Reviews widget.


SocialProofed offers four customization options:

  • Content: Widget title, branding, and filters
  • Layout: List settings, header settings, review request, width and height
  • Review: Review look, review elements, review text 
  • Style: Colors, fonts, custom CSS

Go on, give them a whirl!

When you’re done, click Save & Close

Step 5. Add Facebook Reviews Widget To Website

SocialProofed will direct you back to the dashboard.

Under My Widgets > INSTALLATION, click Add to website.

You’ll see an installation guide pop-up with your Facebook Reviews widget HTML code. Click to copy.

Go back to your website. In the HTML widget, paste the code you got on SocialProofed. 

And that’s it!

Sign up for your FREE SocialProofed.com account here

Bonus: How To Attract More Facebook Reviews On My Website (FREE Template)

Want to attract more positive reviews on Facebook so you can win more sales? We spoke to small business owners, and here’s what we’ve learned.

Tip #1: Act Fast

Request for a review right after you finish working together. 

Cat Ekkelboom-White, an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, recommends this approach as the experience is still fresh in customers’ minds.

Tip #2: Make It Ultra Simple

Use prompts or questions in your Facebook review request to avoid having your customers from thinking too hard. In Cat’s case, she asks:

Tip #3: Trigger Interest And Emotion

Polly Kay recommends using intrigue and humor to catch a customer’s attention. 

The Marketing Manager at English Blinds shares a theoretical example:

According to Polly, here’s why this approach works: It appeals to self-interest and creates an entertainment element

This incentivizes your customers with the possibility of their comments and profile being shared across your social channels.

How To Request a Facebook Review From Customers (FREE Template)

Here’s an email template that Cat uses:


For easier reference, copy this template and customize it according to your business:

Hey [Customer’s name],

Thank you for your recent purchase!

You were my ideal customers – [List identifiers / traits of your ideal customers e.g., health enthusiast for a nutrition store] – and I’d love to help more customers like you. 

Could you write me/us a short testimonial regarding your experience?

It’s helpful to hear from other customers how their experiences were. If you could help out other customers trying to make their decision by sharing your experience in a review, I/we would really appreciate it!

I have attached links to Google and Facebook. To make it quick and easy, you can copy and paste the same review to both if you’d like.

If you’re unsure what to write, here are some ideas to get you started:

[List prompts in bullet points e.g., What stood out to you the most? What were you most impressed by?]

Thank you in advance! 

[Signs off]

Embed Facebook Reviews Plugin on Your Website for Free on SocialProofed Today

Now off you go! 

Add your hard-won Facebook Reviews to your website and watch your engagement shoot through the roof.  

Stuck? Drop us a message here, and we’ll get back to you before you can somersault.

Start for free on SocialProofed now.

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