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Create Google Review Link (In Just 60 Seconds!)

How do you get customers to write reviews for your Google listing, other than doing great work?  You make the process as simple as possible. That’s where the Google Review Link comes in.  By sending these customers a URL to your listing, all they need to do is click it, rate it, type in a […]


Instagram Access Token — Get It in 60 Seconds!

It’s hard acquiring an Instagram access token. Luckily, your struggle ends today. Today, you’ll learn how to get yours in this beginner’s guide (with screenshots). By the end of this post, you’ll be able to display an Instagram feed on your website. (By the way, we don’t want to toot our horn, but it’s far […]


Smash Balloon Instagram Feed – Free WordPress Alternative

You’re looking for a Smash Balloon Instagram Feed alternative because: It’s too expensive, or It only works on WordPress Luckily for you, we got just what you need. SocialProofed offers a FREE Instagram Feed widget that works on all websites — WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, you name it.  If you’re a small business owner […]


Taggbox Instagram Feed (Best Free Alternative)

One look at the Taggbox Instagram Feed plugin, and you can immediately tell it’s built for large corporations in mind.  What’s a small business to do? Enter: SocialProofed, a FREE Instagram Feed widget that drives more sales to your online store without burning a hole in your wallet.  In this comparison guide, you’ll know what […]


How to Embed Facebook Reviews FREE on Any Website (2020 Update)

Your customer reviews on Facebook are comin’ in hot — that’s great!  The only problem? You’re not 100% sure how to add them to your website. Fortunately, this guide is here for you. Today, you’ll learn a crazy simple process using our FREE Facebook Reviews widget.  By the end of this post, you’ll not only […]


How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Your Website (Free 2021 Update)

How do you embed Google Reviews on your website and prove to visitors that you’re the real deal? Today, you’ll learn a step-by-step process using our FREE Google Reviews widget. Whether you’re using WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix, we guarantee you can do it in under five minutes. All right, let’s get started. How To Embed […]


Snapwidget Instagram Feed (Is It #1?)

As awesome as SnapWidget is, it can be a buggy tool.  (Author’s note: It took three attempts to link my SnapWidget account with my Instagram handle successfully.) And it appears this is not a one-off problem. Take a look around review platforms like G2, and you’ll find multiple user stories lamenting about the bug issues. […]


Lightwidget Instagram Feed (Is It Really The #1 Widget?)

At first glance, LightWidget and SocialProofed look like two peas in a pod. But look deeper, and you’ll notice several differences. For one, LightWidget only allows you to customize the “look” of your Instagram feed on your website. Whereas SocialProofed helps you to not only customize the look of your feed but also drive more […]


Elfsight Instagram Feed vs SocialProofed Alternative

Maybe it’s the more expensive Elfsight price you can’t justify.  Or the overwhelming set of widgets you don’t use.  Or maybe you’ve just heard of Elfsight, and you’re wondering how it stacks up against other alternatives.  We’ll give it to you right off the bat: Elfsight is best for large companies that take an omnipresent […]


How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website Free (2021 Update)

Let’s cut to the chase: Instagram oEmbed is an incredible tool, but only when it comes to embedding a single post. If you’re looking to embed an Instagram feed on your website, you have to look elsewhere. That’s what this guide is for.  Today, you’ll learn a simple, straightforward process using our FREE Instagram feed […]