April 25, 2022

Adding Reviews to Squarespace: A Step by Step Guide

Adding reviews to Squarespace is easier than you think. Squarespace stands out by its friendly UI, so adding any widgets that you want on your website takes seconds, including reviews.

Here’s how you can do it.

Select the Review Platform You Want on Your Website

First, you need to select what review platform you want to display. 

Whether it’s Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or both, that’s up to you.

The most convenient will be the one where your customers are more active and the one with the most recent reviews.

You have 2 options to add reviews to your Squarespace website.

The first one is to embed a review widget and the second one is to use the product review feature that the platform offers. 

Let’s break down each!

1. Embed a Review Widget

Let’s be clear on something, embedding a review widget on Squarespace is the way to go if you want something fully customized.

With that said, let’s imagine that by this point you’ve already created and customized your review widget. 

This is what you want to do next.

Step 1: Get the HTML Code

On our platform, it’s very easy to do it. You just need to click on “Add to website” and it’ll display the HTML code for you to copy.

SocialProofed Google Reviews dashboard

You don’t even have to select the text because there’s a “Click to Copy” button that automatically does that work for you.

Google Reviews HTML code

Step 2: Log In to Squarespace

Now you have to log in to your Squarespace account and go to the page where you want to embed the review widget.

Squarespace Edit Page

Step 3: Add Code Block

Then you need to click on “Edit” and then click on  “+ “ where you’ll select “Code” in the menu. 

Squarespace editing page options

It’ll display a text section where you’ll paste the widget HTML code you copied before. It should look like this.

Google reviews HTML code on Squarespace

Once you’ve done that, make sure to hit the “Save” button and that’s it. You’ve embedded your review widget successfully!

2. Use Squarespace’s Product Review Feature

Squarespace has its own product review feature for commerce websites. To enable it, you have to go to the “Commerce” section.

Commerce website editing features in Squarespace

Then click on “Product Reviews”.

Product reviews feature in Squarespace

Finally, toggle on “request reviews” and you’re all set!

Squarespace request reviews option enabled

Product Reviews Displaying Options

To display reviews on Squarespace, you can select one of these options:

  • Store Reviews Only

This option displays all reviews and the average rating for all the products you have in your store.

  • Product Reviews Only

Displays the average rating and all the reviews of the product the customer is viewing.

  • Product and Store Reviews

With this setting, you can divide store and product reviews into tabs on the product details page.

Plus: Squarespace also has an Etsy integration that allows importing Etsy reviews on product detail pages.

Collecting Customer Reviews with Squarespace

Once you enable the product review feature, Squarespace will automatically send customers a “review request email” 14 days after their order is completed. 

This is what the email looks like.

Review request email from Squarespace

When customers click on write review, it’ll take them to the review submission form.

Customer product review on Squarespace

Squarespace Product Reviews Feature Pros and Cons


  • You can enable it by just switching a toggle on.
  • Automated and frictionless review collecting process.
  • Option to import reviews from Etsy.
  • You don’t need external plugins or widgets.


  • If you downgrade to the Business plan, you won’t be able to send product review request emails.
  • There aren’t many customizable options to display reviews.
  • Customers can’t edit their reviews.
  • Customers can’t review deleted products from your website.
  • You can’t delete reviews but hide them all instead.

Build social proof by adding reviews to your Squarespace website

It’s no secret that customers care about what others say about your brand. That’s why you shouldn’t keep yourself from using the product review feature or embedding a review widget.

If you choose the latter, remember that with SocialProofed you can have fully customized review widgets and display them on your Squarespace website.

Sign up today and start using our review widgets for free!

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