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3 Simple Widgets to Skyrocket User Engagement and Sales
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Google Reviews Widget

The numbers don't lie. Social proof works. Collect Google reviews, decide which to display on your website, and presto - you're done!

Facebook Reviews Widget

Your future buyers want to hear from your current ones. Boost trust and increase sales for your business with Facebook reviews on your website.

Instagram Feed Widget

Embed Instagram posts on your website. Engage and convert your website visitors with the power of fresh Instagram photos and videos!

Social Proof Is The New Marketing

“Social Proof Is The New Marketing”

Why Is SocialProofed Different?

Most social proof widgets are complicated and overpriced. Here’s how we make things easy for you:

1. Only Choose The Widgets You Need

You know social proof works but don’t need every widget. Try the Google, Facebook, or Instagram widget FREE. Choose the ones best for your business.

Instagram widget

2. Set Up & Adjust Widgets Without Coding

Our beautiful dashboard is easy to use and incredibly fast. Build stunning widgets that are guaranteed to always be up-to-date (realtime feed and review updates).

3. Guaranteed To Work On Your Website

Social Proofed is built to seamlessly integrate with nearly all CMS and web frameworks. And our 24/7 support team is always here to help.

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